For all imports and exports, compliance with legal requirements must always be first priority. For economic operators, however, the optimisation of taxes and processing costs is also a decisive factor for successful participation in the globalised movement of goods. SCF’s specialists support you in the optimal process design to achieve both goals. We review existing processes, work with you to optimise them and then implement them together. Both operational, strategic and organisational topics are considered.

SCF supports you in the following areas:

  • Health Check Customs and Foreign Trade We analyse your operational and strategic processes as well as your organisational structures together with those responsible at your site. After evaluation of these processes with regards to legal conformity and cost aspects, we inform you where action is required. We then show you different possibilities of optimisation and work with you to find the best possible solution for your company. We will accompany you until the final implementation of the adjustments upon request. The spectrum of adaptions might include organisational changes, the introduction of new software modules or finding an optimal external partner.

  • Customs Help Desk In the complex environment of cross-border trading, even the deployment of experienced employees in the operative area can repeatedly give rise to questions that require the support of experienced customs specialists. Examples include the disputed classification of a new product or finding the correct ATLAS codes for export. Whenever such situations arise in the operational environment, our specialists are at your side with words and deeds to ensure a quick and legally compliant solution.

  • Tariff Classification (classification of goods) In order to determine the correct import duty rates, necessary export control treatment or the determination of preferential entitlements, the correct tariff classification is the most important prerequisite. For the correct determination, both in-depth product knowledge and knowledge of the legal principles of pricing are indispensable. Our employees have many years of experience in tariff issues and will determine the applicable customs tariff numbers in cooperation with your product specialists. The maintenance/adjustment (in the case of annual changes) of the pay scale data in your ERP system is also possible.

  • Approval and Authority Management In many areas of customs and foreign trade, economic operators can make use of simplifications and other privileges if they can present a corresponding permit from the competent authority (main customs office, customs office, IHK, etc.). We establish contact with the respective authorities and apply for the corresponding permits on your behalf, e. g:

    • Authorised Economic Operator (AEOC / AEOS)

    • Simplified customs declaration (former approved exporter)

    • Authorised importer (CA)

    • Approved exporter (EA)

    • Refining traffic (AV/PV)

    If required, we also handle the necessary monitoring of the permits. We can even take care of the supervision of customs inspections in your company if agreed. A close cooperation with your customs officer is always guaranteed for all activities.

  • Origin of Goods and Preferences To stay ahead of international competitors, it is necessary to use all legal means of tariff reduction. One of these means is the use of the many free-trade agreements that the EU has concluded with various countries of the world (e. g. Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, etc.). The use of these agreements can lead to tariff savings of up to 10 % and more.

    In order to reap the benefits, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the legal background and conditions of each of these agreements. Our preference specialists will work with you to determine which regulations apply to your product range and which requirements you must meet in order to benefit from the advantages.

    Not only can we support you with operational tasks such as requesting and checking supplier declarations and carrying out preference calculation. In addition, we´ll draw up a work and organisational instruction together with you, which is a prerequisite for applying for preferential simplifications.

  • Import Procedures and Import handling All goods purchased outside of the EU, must be cleared for import. Depending on the exact situation, the use of various customs procedures – for tolling or bonded warehouses for instance – can save you taxes. Our import specialists will be happy to help you check under which circumstances this is possible for you. During customs clearance there are various things that also need to be considered, e.g. the determination of the correct customs value, the use of preferences and the importability check.

    Your company is responsible towards the customs authorities for complying with all formalities, regardless of whether a service provider handles your import customs on your behalf. This means that you must continuously monitor your service provider. We can install a corresponding process which even monitors the resulting costs. Finding alternative service providers is also part of our portfolio.

  • Export Paperwork and Export Control (Trade Compliance)


    The four main subjects of the export control are:

    • products subject to approval

    • embargoed countries

    • prohibited use

    • sanctioned partners

    Can you ensure that these four subjects are always handled consistently? And are your Export Accompanying Documents (ABDs) being created completely and with the correct codes? These are only some of the questions that may arise in the worldwide export of goods. Our experts will assist you to ensure the best possible export control for your company in compliance with legal requirements and at optimised costs. The use of existing IT tools from different providers will also be part of the optimisation. If required, we may assist in the preparation of an export control which is manually tailored to your company

  • INTRASTAT Messages If your company makes intra-Community acquisitions or dispatches which total volume exceeds the respective annual reporting threshold, deliveries must be reported to the Federal Statistical Office on a monthly basis. This task must be performed as efficiently as possible, but in compliance with the law. Together we´ll analyse your existing process and adapt it if necessary.

  • Proof of Export and Movement For all cross-border goods movement and matching invoices without VAT, it is necessary to provide proof of export to a foreign country, as required by the tax office and which must be provided during any VAT audit. The establishment of corresponding processes with which correctness and completeness can be documented must be ensured. We support you in both the process definition and in the operative implementation.