SCF Control Tower

Transportation Control-Tower (one System – one Team)

Our multilingual, centrally controlled and decentralised transport management team works 24/7 for our customer solutions. They are supported in this by our innovative IT system: Sirius – a web-based, self-developed transport management system – is a unique platform that creates complete transparency in the supply chain for all parties involved. Furthermore, through the integration of customer-specific ERP systems and logistics service provider (LSP) systems, lead times can be significantly shortened and digitised.

Overview of functions and modules:

  • Transportation planning and control Operational cost-optimised transport planning for all modes of transport worldwide. We manage your flow of goods with the permanent goal of handling all transport orders for you in the most cost-efficient, punctual and transparent way.

  • Collaboration Platform Connecting all processed-involved parties on one platform, exchanging information and events promptly without media disruption – the digitisation of logistics can be challenging. On our platform, each user has his or her own role-adapted area with which a collaboration (both web-based and via data exchange) is possible. Whether customers transfer their transport requirements to us, or whether our customers’ suppliers define their transport requirements on the basis of provided delivery schedules, or whether connected LSPs transfer their status – it makes no difference, since everything happens via one platform – via a digital solution – via Sirius TMS!

  • Supply-Chain-Event ManagementAll transport statuses of all modes of transport are collected and monitored on one of the most modern transport management platforms to give a perfect picture of all global material flows of our customers. Access to telematics systems, maritime tracking platforms and automatic ETA determination are courteous to our modern and up-to-date transport management. Based on this electronic information, our Control Tower experts can focus on the shipments that need our help.

  • Tariff Management Our specialised team fully digitalises and integrates our customers` freight rates into Sirius transport planning for freight cost calculation and simulation.

  • Management of special Transports For many industrial companies, premium freights are a focal topic. Such shipments are mostly unplanned, but extremely important and have a special focus on punctuality and costs. For this purpose, we have developed a special workflow-based module that quickly determines the most cost-effective LSP via a closed spot allocation process, considering allocation guidelines and approval procedures. Our SCF experts process each order based on an independent 4PL service and inform the client of each status on request.

  • Dock Scheduling For a more efficient use of the loading and unloading facilities, SCF uses the self-designed Dock Scheduling with its customers. Reduced downtimes, better planning of internal resources and early information about the availability of procured materials are the performance characteristics of this digital web-based solution.

  • Yard-Management Seamless transparency of all functions that belong to the holistic mapping of modern transport processes: a fully organised truck parking lot, information about waiting times, retrieval of the trucks to loading or unloading locations as well as acquisition of driver and vehicle data.

  • KPI-Management Only measurable things can be optimised. Though not a new insight, this motto does have a lasting effect. Our customised KPI dashboards are the foundation and linchpin of our continuous improvement initiatives. This has enabled us to demonstrably optimise not only our performance, but also that of our logistics partners.