Frachtkosten Management

With our Freight Invoice Audit (FIA) Payment Service, we ensure that you only pay for the services you have commissioned and get a perfect overview of all your freight costs. This detailed overall view is the perfect basis for continuous visualisation and optimisation of your supply chain.

  • Invoice receipt We can process all formats of invoices. Whether ideally an e-file, a PDF document or a conventional paper invoice, all forms are transferred to the workflow-based processing routine.

  • Digitisation Within the workflow, all header-, position- and value data are digitised by OCR functionality or manual assignment.

  • Freight Invoice verification We check all freight invoices against the digitised freight agreements from our tariff management tool for additional charges and double invoice receipt.

  • Differential clarification Any enquiry due to missing information, unauthorised debits or differences in the invoice amount will be clarified directly with the service provider. Amounts that were overcharged by the LSP are deducted by credit note.

  • Account assignment Our FIA service also offers accrual reports and account allocation. Your account specifications are used as basis for an automated account assignment routine.

  • Billing File At the end of the agreed settlement period you receive an e-file which contains all audited and finalised freight cost transactions including all account allocations. This file can be imported into your accounting system to initiate the payments of the corresponding invoices.

  • Freight Dashboard Our online reporting program gives you permanent access and a complete overview of all freight costs as well as all invoices and related documents.

  • Voucher System If the processes were planned or carried out via the SCF/Sirius system, a fully automated “credit note” process – our voucher system – can also be operated. Based on the tariff engine, we transmit the freight amounts to the LSP. Using this voucher and the audited freight amounts, the LSP writes an invoice to the SCF. This means that an invoice verification by SCF or our customers is no longer necessary – this is the most efficient way of freight cost management!