Logistics Engineering

Let us help you to create value in your supply chain and turn it into a competitive tool.

Our team of experienced logistics engineers will help you identify the key elements that hold potential for improvements and implement cost savings initiatives to improve your supply chain performance.

Where is the right location for your new production site?
We work on a wide range of subjects: from designing a distribution network to improving your warehouse productivity. Our particular emphasis is to create prime solutions at competitive rates that sustainability.

A fundamental process in support of continuous improvement is logistics procurement.
Leveraging our buying power we offer an end to end procurement service from bid process management and cost evaluation, to carrier selection and management.

Make your logistics our challenge – we will generate prime solutions surpassing your expectations.

At a Glance:

  • Transport Network Design
  • Location Studies for Production-/Distribution Sites
  • Freight Procurement Services
  • Tender Management
  • Warehouse Productivity Improvement
  • Packaging Review & Optimization
  • Online Project Management Suite